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The word “crypto” has its origin in Greek which means secret or hidden. Hence cryptocurrency can be termed as hidden or encoded currency that is using cryptography. But technically speaking it can also be defined as digital or virtual currency or a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange. – Qoinbook Blog

In the last two decades we have witnessed tremendous growth of digitalization. This digitalization has changed our lives so dramatically that today we can not even imagine our existence without it. Cryptocurrency is one of the revolutionary innovations of digitalization that’s aimed to facilitate financial transactions over internet without compromising on security and privacy of its customers.

Bitcoin has brought sensation in today’s cyber based economic world. It has revolutionized the notion of money and trade by providing quick, inexpensive, reliable and easy to get method for transactions. It is the first ever internationally recognized digital money that has witnessed increase in its reputation in the recent decade. People want to know about Bitcoin. They are asking, searching, writing and talking about Bitcoin.

Qoinbook strives to present relevant informations on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain that would help and guide newcomers from this crypto-revolution. Qoinbook is for the enthusiasts, investors, and entrpreneurs as well who are willing to share their knowledge about this innovation for the benefit of everyone. We are also aiming to completely lists all the cryptocurrencies in existence and provide basic backgrounds and informations of those digital currencies.

Qoinbook Blog is where you can get fresh and original contents that would answer your questions of the basic and even complex things about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology.

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