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blockchain conference 2019

The rumors are true — 2019 is most definitely the year to attend a top Blockchain event, whether you’re brand new to the idea, or you’re a conference pro. However, there are so many big conferences on the calendar, that it might seem a bit overwhelming when you decide to make your final decision. So, below is a list of the most important Blockchain conferences for you to check out.

TOKENOMX (Bangkok)

TOKENONMX 2019 will take place on February 27 and 28 in Bangkok. The event is a respectable conference, bringing together the world’s finest Blockchain experts. An impressive lineup of crypto enthusiasts will present their insights and case studies, covering industries yet to be disrupted and various use cases in regards of the ledger technology. Plus, slides from all of the panelists are included in your ticket price!

Some of the speakers include:

  1. Juergen Hoebarth (Austrianstartups.com, RealLifeConnect and Haexagon Concepts)
  2. Alan Laubsch (Generation Blue)
  3. Nicole Nguyen (Infinity Blockchain Ventures)
  4. Allie Zhang (Blocktag)
  5. Damian Mee (Bitcoin veteran)
  6. Nicholas Merten (DataDash)
  7. Prinn Panitchpakdi (The Stock Exchange of Thailand)
  8. Miko Matsumura (Evercoin)
  9. Alexis Sirkia (Yellow)
  10. Chris Williamson (MB Technology)

Blockchain Expo Europe (Amsterdam)

The Blockchain Expo Europe is scheduled for June 19 and 20 and will take place in Amsterdam. The event focuses on the future of enterprise technology, providing insights from leading brands developing cutting-edge Blockchain technologies. The Blockchain Expo Europe will be co-located with the AI & Big Data Expo, Cyber Security & Cloud Expo and the IoT Tech Expo, offering a comprehensive trip to the world of technologies.

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The scale of the event is impressive: more than 500 speakers have been announced, with organizers hoping to attract some 10,000 attendees. Visitors may expect access to expert keynotes, solution-based case studies and interactive panel discussions exploring key industries expected to be disrupted, including: energy, music, government, retail, financial services, legal sectors, healthcare, insurance and real estate. Topics will cover Blockchain for Enterprise, Blockchain Platforms and Strategies, Cryptocurrency and Financial Services, Developing Blockchain Applications, Blockchain for Business, Blockchain Technologies, Blockchain Workshops and Innovation & Investors Zone. The speakers will include:

  1. Brian Behlendorf (Hyperledger)
  2. Achim Jedelsky (Daimler Real Estate)
  3. Herve Francois (ING)
  4. Martin Baier (Mobility Innovation LabZürich)
  5. Jacob Bejoy (Deutsche Post)
  6. Suyash Shrivastava (Maersk)
  7. Carlos Kuchkovsky (BBVA)
  8. Fabian Freiter (Volkswagen Financial Services AG)
  9. Andrea Barbero (Gucci)
  10. Harry Behrens (Daimler Financial Services)

Blockchain Expo Global (London)

Blockchain Expo Global 2019 will take place in London, April 25 through 26. It will welcome speakers from leading businesses developing cutting-edge Blockchain technologies. Attendees will get access to a series of keynotes, interactive panel discussions, and solution-based case studies. Similar to Blockchain Expo Europe, Blockchain Expo Global focuses on key industries to be disrupted by the blockchain, including financial services, retail, energy, government, healthcare, legal sectors and insurance. The speakers will include:

  1. Julian Gray (BP)
  2. Andrea Redaelli (HUGO BOSS)
  3. Nitin Manoharan (Philip Morris International)
  4. David Ferguson (EDF Energy)
  5. Simon Kiilerich Vedel (A.P. Moller – Maersk)
  6. Anwar Mirza (TNT)
  7. Ken Marke (B3i – The Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative)
  8. Nadeem Ladki (Ripple)
  9. Ildefonso Olmedo (Santander UK Technology)
  10. Nkiru Uqaje (DELL)

Blockchain Las Vegas (Las Vegas)

Blockchain Las Vegas will take place in Las Vegas from April 4 to 6. The event will bring together leading voices, visionary innovators, experts, economic pioneers, and enterprising investors from around the globe. They will discuss the future of the financial world at this Keynote’s newest event hosted in partnership with Bitcoin.com. The speakers will include:

  1. Alex Lightman (Token Communities)
  2. Mike Kalomeni (Elementus)
  3. Prof. Dr. Niclas Adler (SeaHeal AG)
  4. Steve Beauregard (GoCoin & CRO, Bloq)
  5. Jesse Uzzell (Climate Futures)
  6. Tey Al-Rjula (Tykn)
  7. Mark Hamilton (Solo Energy)
  8. Marianna Alshina (Cappasity)
  9. Natalia Tokar (Ties.Network)
  10. Thaer Sabri (Electronic Money Association)

TOKEN2049 (Hong Kong)

TOKEN2049 will be held in Hong Kong, March 13 through 14. The event will host 2,000 participants, who will dive into the token economy in-depth. The event is set to “shine a light” on the global developments of the blockchain technology, while taking a unique perspective on the token industry and its prospective opportunities. Participants comprise pioneers, the early believers, and highly influential opinion leaders in the field. TOKEN2049 will welcome entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry enthusiasts and global media representatives. The speakers will include:

  1. Charlie Lee (Litecoin)
  2. Bill Barhydt (Abra)
  3. Saifedean Ammous (The Bitcoin Standard)
  4. Max Kordek (Lisk)
  5. Mance Harmon (Hedera Hashgraph)
  6. Justin Sun (Tron)
  7. Will Peets (Passport Digital Holdings)
  8. Xinshu Dong (Zilliqa)
  9. Shuoji Zhou (FBG Capital)
  10. Yanislav Malahov (Æternity)

Blockchain Summit Frankfurt (Frankfurt)

Blockchain Summit Frankfurt is one of Europe’s most impressive blockchain conferences, this year taking place in Frankfurt (March 26). The event will welcome more than 2,000 participants and focus on case studies from all major industries set to be disrupted. The speakers will include:

  1. Emmanuel Delerm (Carrefour)
  2. Mika Lammi (City of Kouvola)
  3. Juergen Rahmel (HSBC Germany)
  4. Frank Th. Merten (Zurich CI Spain)
  5. Alexandra Rimpu, MBA (Commerzbank AG/ Main Incubator (DLT Lab))
  6. Raphael Barisaac (UniCredit)
  7. Alexander Höptner (Börse Stuttgart)
  8. Nitin Manoharan (Philip Morris International)
  9. Michael Kuperberg (Deutsche Bahn)
  10. Marloes Pomp (Dutch Government)

Whichever Blockchain event you choose, be sure to check out the packages that are offered. Even when you’re on a budget, you can still build your own conference experience.

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