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what is carbon chainThe climate as a set of elements and atmospheric factors is of great importance in daily life and in industrial, agricultural, livestock, etc. activities. For this reason, its study is very interesting to have knowledge of, to facilitate in itself an infinity of activities of daily life. The climate, its elements and atmospheric factors, are related to each other to maintain a balance in the climatic activity such as temperature, rainfall, seasons of the year among others. The demographic increase of man has altered certain factors, harming the climatic equilibrium.

As of late, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) became one of the many innovative methods relating to the fund-raising strategy for several firms and start-ups trying to satisfy their vision and business missions on the long-term. For this reason, the ICO in itself is obtaining additional competitive with several purposeless and deceptive ICOs being launched virtually every day, it’s obtaining harder than ever for investors to seek out any tight and clear ICOs with real-world viable solutions. But this up-coming and distinctive ICO that we’re planning to name these days is totally different.

What is Carbon Chain?

Carbon Chain is a forthcoming ICO project that aims to fight global climate change and scale back dioxide (CO2) emissions by building a decentralized superior and eco-friendly public distributed ledger for registering, acquiring, coupled with the buying and selling of UN-registered Carbon Credits.

In a shot to support the efforts towards an additional clean world with reduced dioxide (CO2) emissions, Carbon Chain needs to amass and trade Carbon Credits directly from registered projects and carbon markets to assist countries, firms, and people who are in need of offsetting their GHG (GreenHouse Gas) emissions. This is in compliant with the worldwide laws and agreements of global climate change and help to drastically reduce tax liabilities either on companies, countries or individual households.

Who created Carbon Chain?

carbon chain teamThe Carbon Chain team with the sole aim of improving trading carbon credit in a more transparent way is led by Steve Ireton. The 14 members on the Carbon Chain team are professionals in their various field with years of experience and that’s what will make this project a success. This consists of 9 executive panels and 5 team members ranging from technical advisors, community manager, experts in the carbon business development all though to the co-founder.

Why does it exist?

The Carbon Chain project could be a distinctive project within the ICO area with no well-known competitors. Carbon Chain aims to accomplish the following:

  1. Incentivize reduction of dioxide (CO2) emissions
  2. Help produce a cleaner world which is sustainable for all and sundry
  3. Simplify the method of getting Carbon Credits and assists in transparent transactions involving carbon credits
  4. Assist countries and firms in reducing their GHG emissions and liabilities
  5. Provide investors with a 30% Carbon Credits sales reward

The Carbon Chain team are demanding for additional advisors and investors to tag alongside them in the fight against global climate change that threatens our international atmosphere and economy.

Carbon Chain conjointly guarantees to produce an extra price to investors by taking off a share of thirty percent from Carbon Credit sales to distribute back to its investors and long token holders.

“Carbon Chain aims to find viable solutions to the climate change issues through transparency, innovation, and sustainability. Carbon Chain is confident that blockchain technology and our eco-friendly solutions will enable a social, environmental, sustainable, and a meaningful difference to the impact of climate change.”

Integrity and transparency are upheld as the project uses the blockchain to tackle the problem. As an organization, Carbon Chain is confident that blockchain technology and CCT (Carbon Chain-Token) will enable a social, environmental, and meaningful difference to the impact of climate change with a particular focus on women and youth upliftment and at last, proving there’s no ‘double accounting’.

Many ico and blockchain related projects are not targeted at solving the particular and peculiar needs of the people as the Carbon Chain does. It is the true answer to people’s need by incentivizing the carbon reduction ecosystems using carbon credits and also reducing the rate of carbon emission to give all an environmental-friendly place to dwell in.


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