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blockchain for app development

Will Blockchain have an Impact on Your App Development?

If you’ve got a business, you may well already have an app, or be thinking about developing one. People expect it these days! If...
ico drip

Interesting Initial Coin Offering Picks from ICO drip

Initial coin offerings have been a really hot topic over the last few years. The opportunities provided by this new kind of crowdfunding has...
GPU-Integrated ETH Miner

World’s First 68 GPU-Integrated ETH Miner Working on Multi Algorithm

Promax7 Technologies UK has launched its first powerful GPU miner, which is known to be the world’s first 68 GPU-integrated ETH miner working on...

Cryptoprofiler – Empowering better Investment Decisions in Cryptocurrencies

Cryptoprofiler is a Swiss based cryptocurrency analytical platform, which has created two pillar approach to tackle problem of complexity in navigation across vast variety...
Easy Crypto Investing in Cryptocurrencies in New Zealand

Brother Sister Team make Cryptocurrency Investments Easy with New Platform

Cryptocurrency might seem too techie and confusing for the average New Zealander, but one pair of siblings have set out to change that with...
launch of Crossgate Capital Limited

First Regulated Share Offer for a Company Investing in Cryptocurrencies Launches

The launch of Crossgate Capital Limited – New Zealand’s first regulated share offer in a company...