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cryptassist cryptocurrency reviewThe entire crypto community is focused on how much can be made from the pump and dump of a certain coin that there’s a neglect to the solution that can be solved in real life. The cryptosphere had been carried away with the ‘how’ instead of ‘why’. With over 1500 digital currencies, it is very difficult to understand how each currency work, the acronym and the financials involved for profitable enterprise. The reservations from the majority of the people are all because cryptos are intangible and they can’t seem to understand how it works, beginners got burnt while experts seem to scale through with large sum of money.

Cryptassist is the singular panacea for problems facing both skeptics and crypto enthusiasts. As the saying goes that applied information is power, therefore, cryptoassist tends to bring the information closer to all and sundry. The project promises to apply digital currencies to day-to-day activities, therefore, closing the gap between the ‘non-real money’ and the reality befallen all.

Cryptassist is a blockchain based project with both web and mobile-based decentralized applications integrated all on one platform to help the different kind of people involved see the success brought by the blockchain technology. The users targeted by this platform includes skeptics, beginners and expert traders in the crypto space. For the various level of users involved in the crypto world, there are information and toolkit that would demystify the concept of virtual currencies and increase the adoption by all.

The backbone of the Cryptassist ecosystem is the decentralization of information which would be the major benefit enjoyed by the entire crypto community. There’s a bottleneck of information particularly trading of cryptos which makes beginners lose lots of money while so-called experts make huge profits from tough work analyzing charts all day. Cryptassist would gather such information and simplify it so that its users would be able to make profit-making decisions with less work. Added to this, is the transparency, security of funds and personal data, and making it within reach of almost everyone as projected by the blockchain itself.

The Cryptassist ecosystem projects about 25 unique features that would make users of the platform have an exceptional experience. Some of these includes:

Cryptassist Debit Card: The card would be issued to the users after the registration and verification process (KYC). The card would be used to convert about 50 top cryptos into fiat currencies and used like any other debit cards such as paying for goods online or POS terminals and withdrawing from an ATM.

CryptoGo: A reality game to bring crypto near to the entire world. The games on this features are divided into 2 parts which include airdrop on the one hand and locating tangible coins at a specified location on the other hand with tangible rewards following such completion. The locations would be announced ahead of time and would be of benefits to the people around that areas with the sole purpose of drawing more people in the blockchain community.

A single block explorer for virtual currencies: On the Cryptassist platform, users can search for the transaction histories for many coins which in turns saves times and resources.

Decentralized Crytpo-exchange: An exchange with good UI/UX and integrated graph to support both beginner and expert traders in making profitable decisions.

Cryptassist Chatpay: this is a decentralized social network app with user security at its core. This would not only be used for sending messages but also as a means of payment for goods and services.

Other important features on the Cryptassist ecosystem includes Cryptstarter (for crowdfunding purposes); Cryptassist OTC trading platform (risk-free trading); Cryptassist Freelancer; Trading Solutions amongst others.

Cryptassist will offer multiple special services and products for which customers
can pay with CTA. – Cryptassist Whitepaper

CTA is the acronym of the utility token which would ensure the smooth running of the platform. This utility token would be used as a means of exchange within the application with the added benefit of processing about 1,700 transactions per sec on the Cryptassist blockchain.

With the features and benefits of the Cryptassist ecosystem, it is no doubt the ICO with the goals of bringing the virtual currencies into the real-life application for the entire world to benefit from.

You can check the full details of the Cryptassist project on their official website.

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