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blockchain securityThe world was protected from burglary back in stone age as it were. Maybe and, after it’s all said and done the people used to take all what they can from someone else on the grounds that they themselves were not ready to get such substances. Be that as it may, as the world advanced and everything starting today made its stride and stood immovably online with the assistance of web twirling around. The craft of robbery likewise adjusted with the circumstance. So obviously there was then a requirement for a comment the online exchanges streaming in all aspects of the world subsequently the Blockchain Security, appeared. It is a system that is full proof and has proven to be a star for online security so far.

Why Blockchain

Blockchain SecuritySecurity is a very typical term, but whenever we say a thing is secure, we need to be sure if anyone can go pass it without getting detected or it can let go the person with a certain access on the time of need too. Right there when we have already discussed that Blockchain is the firewall for all of the theft done on the online transaction, a question rises in everyone’s mind and that is,

How tough it can get?

Is it hackable or not?” “Has anyone ever gone pass it?” It’s just like buying a lock and then hitting it with all of the strong hammers or fire extinguishers to check its durability and stability as well. So when we’re down to thinking what it actually does and how the mechanism works, we must inform you earlier that it is unique and the way it works makes it even better with rest of the integrations done to the system of operation.

The Mechanism

Blockchain Security is all designed to store information of all the transactions and also the accounts across a network of personal computers permanently which distributes the information decentralizing the network. In simple words:

  • It’s a distributed system instead of centralized, to help you imagine even further, just think of one shop where you want to do burglary of one item but to get the whole item you’re expected or supposed to go to 10 different spots with 10 different security standards.
  • In a decentralized system, there are numerous computers that try to update the ledger, the process is continuous and is variable almost all of the times. A collection of financial accounts that records every transaction which is ever breathing, and never going down for any good reason.
  • To add a block of transactions to the chains, each person maintaining the ledger solves a math problem created by the cryptographic hash function which takes input of any size and creates an output of the fixed size.

Blockchain A Cryptographic Puzzle

Anyone can aggregate and publish those transactions, provided they can show that a sufficient amount of effort went into doing so, which they can demonstrate by solving a difficult cryptographic puzzle. – Harvard Business Review

Blockchain security - Cryptographic PuzzleThis level of cryptographic function actually makes sure further security with different combinations and puzzles to solve for the hackers. To add to their mysery another reason that has successfully made Blockchain hack proof is because of the intense number of users it has and all of them who are active as well. We will try to make it easy to understand with another example of penetrating into a hive with less bee’s vs the one that has hundreds of them. Every single block that is a part of this system is reinforced with a timestamp and a link to the previous block forming a chronological chain reinforced through cryptography ensuring the records cannot be altered by others.

The Verdict

So once again everything is being done by the system as well with not even the authorities having much of the option to alter that is original and is already there. Due to the transactions needing multiple parties’ authorization before acceptance, Blockchain has a high degree of trust value and this kind of security has always made sure so far that the transactions are masked and they pass through all of the eyes without being detected as well.

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