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Hyperbridge Gaming RevolutionVideo games have now become a part of the lives for so many individuals; some indulge in it to relieve stress and for leisure while others make profits out of it. Whatever the reasons are, more and more are getting hooked with video games.  That is why many developers are catching on in this trend creating various game platforms for all ages, gender and genre. However the sad part of it, is that not all video game developers have the capacity, especially finances, to create a game. Not all has the capability to get a loan from the bank to make dreams a reality. And that is when crowdfunding enters into the picture.

Crowdfunding is obviously means that the crowd does the funding and a crowdfunding platform is where all these transactions occur. In a broader perspective, crowdfunding enables creators with little-to-none money to capital sells his or her idea to prospective investors. Once a person is willing to invest in the said product, he will fund the project or campaign and will get his investments once the project has started generating income.


Because of the number of video game creator with great potentials, Hyperbridge was born. Hyperbridge Technology, a software development firm, was founded in 2017 just outside of Estonia. The group of people, mainly composed of designers, developers and innovators, have come up with a solution to solve the challenges in IoT, AI, and most specially blockchain. The company’s ultimate goal is to create user-friendly solutions and to come up with decentralized products and practices creating micro-economies. The first focus of Hyperbridge is the gaming industry. Via BlockHub, the platform aims to bond consumers with the producers.


Why HyperbridgeWith so many crowdfunding sites in the World Wide Web, it is difficult to decide which one to choose. BlockHub is a digital platform for the next generation distribution of contents. There are many benefits a content creator gets from this all-in-one platform.

  • Faster and Lower Fees

It is expected that fees will be generally less than 30% compared to other app marketplace because of the decentralized format the platform have

  • Go-to-Market

The platform easily converts projects to be maintained by the blockchain structure. It also has an integrated wallet system that securely and quickly receives and store cryptocurrency.

  • Metrics and Data

The platform makes use of artificial intelligence techniques in providing business insights with regard to sales and performance.

  • Create Community and Incentivize Users
  • Developer-Gamer’s Interactive

BlockHub will be making a way wherein game developers will have the chance to interact with the gamers. This way, developers could get first-hand feedback from the end-user therefore the game quality will improve and success is most likely to happen.

  • Increase Gamer Engagement

Developers will have access to the bug bounties, promotion and product testing thereby increases their participation for the progress of the game development.

  • All-in-One Fundraising Tool

Unlike other platforms, BlockHub will give the support needed for a positive result by doing the fundraising, promotion, marketing and in-game token all in the same environment.

More so, the end-user will also benefit from this experience.

  • Control

The consumer will be able to manage his/her cryptocurrency the use of the highly-secured integrated wallet. Likewise, the consumer will also be able to look, download and play game applications easily

  • Support

The consumers will be able to crowdfund and at the same time have an early access to applications that they want to support.

  • Grow

The BlockHub model will give the chance for the applications to venture in to new frontiers thus users will be able to access to limitless products.


Hyperbridge TeamThe people behind HyperBridge are individuals that already have established their names in crowdfunding. They are a team comprised of innovators, designers, and developers.

  • Eric Muyser
    • Co-founder and the Director of Technology
  • Timothy Ko
    • Co-founder and the Director of Operations
  • Joseph Cullen
    • Co-founder and the Director of Business Development
  • Walid Al Habboul
    • Blockchain Software Developer
  • Lucas Simoes
    • Graphic Designer
  • Aalap Davjekar
    • Content Writer
  • Anh Phan Vu
    • Communication Manager
  • Vlady Zhyliaiev
    • Social Media Manager
  • Atif Mahmud
    • Product Manager
  • Bohdan Dovhoruk
    • Frontend Developer
  • Adam Lewkowicz
    • Frontend Developer

And behind every successful team, there are advisors that are guiding the way to success. The advisors, in their own rights, are already leaders and accomplished individuals.

  • Rob Dawson
  • John King Burns
  • Clive Boulton
  • Amin El-Gazzar
  • Lorenzo Delzoppo
  • Thomas Wawra

Furthermore, there are the alumni that have helped HyperBridge become what it is at present.

  • Peter White, Advisor
  • Alexandra Moxin, Advisor
  • Jordan Brooks, Blockchain Software Developer
  • Ramon Lopez, Unity Developer
  • David Mayoh, Communications Coordinator
  • Justin Coulston, C# .NET Consultant

Additionally, HyperBridge have made partnerships with the following companies:

  • Moeju Development Studios
    • is a China-based twenty five-man company that is concentrating on the development of their game, Summoner & Succuba, which is a blockchain application.
  • Frag Games
    • is a Pakistan-based studio that has agreed with HyperBridge to exclusively develop their games in the BlockHub.
  • Neur Sciences
    • is a highly programmable artificial intelligence that will give valuable insights to the developers for a better execution of plans.

Having disclosed all the people behind this highly ambitious project, it is fair enough to say that HyperBridge’s existence is not a spur of the moment idea but a well-planned and well-studied not only for the creators’ success but also to the content developers and the users as well.


Hyperbridge BlockHubThe HyperBridge team has envisioned not only tackling the gaming industry but other micro-economies like music, digital publishing, film, and many others. With the BlockHub as their backbone, they can see its potentials in other industries with minor adjustments.

More so, being a digital marketplace for exchange and distribution platform, BlockHub now is managed by the team from HyperBridge. They wish to see in the future that BlockHub will not only be governed by one entity but also by the content developers and the end-users.


By far, the dreams and ambitions of the team behind HyperBridge is clear and specific. Among which is to have a platform where micro-economies can thrive and can compete with major game developers. They see a future where everything and everyone contributes and at the same time gain something from being a pro-active member of the BlockHub Ecosystem.

Please visit HyperBridge official website or download their whitepaper for a better understanding of their mission.

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  1. I agree. Many of the new Crypto Startup’s problem is that they don’t have a clear roadmap or missed roadmap schedules.

    I also been checking Hyperbridge because Gaming Industry is a huge market and game developers could really benefit on this project.

    I would also look on partnerships before involving myself to new ICOs. So far Hyperbridge has some few already as what also is mentioned on this article.

  2. Nice content. First time I heard about Hyperbridge, will try checking and reading their Whitepaper. The bear market has led many startups to suspend and even close their operations.

  3. i check their website and the design was not really that captivating. haha (hope they improved it a little bit, to look more professional)

    but it’s not about the design though. i just noticed it. XD

  4. @lufin Funny thing, I also notice the design of their website. Its way different to other big crypto sites. I’d agree they’d better re-design it and make it more appealing. Nonetheless, Hyperbridge its a nice project.


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