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Is cryptocurrency dead

After the recent crash in the cryptocurrency, several rumors are spreading all over the world regarding the death of cryptocurrency. However, I would say that all these rumors are false. Think it yourself, cryptocurrencies could have died several times before, but they didn’t and survived. Instead crypto came back much stronger. Due to their actual value and quick adaptation, they pulled through the hard times and later became one of the most popular assets of the 21st century.

Although some big crypto might have lost some value over time, I will never say that they are dead. Instead, you will find that the newer coin and coin prediction is beholding good as ever. Moreover, the volatile nature of cryptocurrency will keep them relevant, alive and more innovating. So, more users can be prepared for this.

Shortly, you will see smartphones that feature cryptocurrency. In addition to this, HTC recently released a smartphone that is exclusively for cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, I would say that this is just a start. After some time, cryptocurrency will find its way as transactional options on various platforms. These platforms might include e-commerce, online casinos, and websites that provide online subscription-based services.

Why will Cryptocurrency not die?

Why will Cryptocurrency not die

One reason for the popularity of cryptocurrency is that it allows you to perform efficient transactions. Moreover, you can access them from all over the world, and they provide a global system of decentralized financial transactions. When you compare the transactional efficiency of crypto with the banking system, then you will notice that sometimes banks take 3-5 days to transfer money to other bank accounts whereas you can transfer cryptocurrency instantly all around the world without any delay. So, the power of transaction is the marketing point of cryptocurrency.

To improve and secure user transactions, various financial organizations are working to take advantage of blockchain and distributed ledgers. Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency right now that has these capabilities. As time is passing, several coins have come and gone. However, some cryptocurrency like Bitcoin provides its value to the world. So, how you can think that this valuable currency can die one day.

Future of Cryptocurrency

Future of Cryptocurrency

Several years ago, when the Internet came around, no one knew how it would change our lives and the world forever. To achieve its success, the Internet took some time, hard work, investment, vision and most importantly a little bit of luck. Now, look, how you can use the internet to play any media, send documents and many more.

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When you do an online transaction than what you will need is that the medium should be simple, secure and reliable.

The new technology of crypto has just begun its journey with the blockchain and distributed ledger. In addition to this, some new cryptocurrency innovators from the technology industries have started to enter into the cryptocurrency market at this point. In the future, these investors will combine the possibilities of innovations with artificial intelligence, smart contract code and computing platforms to change the human experience.

Important Points about Crypto that you must know

  • Governments are slowly acknowledging the cryptocurrency. So, don’t ever think that they will die in the future.
  • The prices of cryptocurrency are manipulated heavily us Cryptocurrency Prediction as they have no regulation right now.
  • Most people who don’t even have a crypto coin still say that it is a scam. They listen to some news and spread their views all over social media.
  • After the collapse of currency in Countries like Venezuela, they have started using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies similar to DASH.
  • From some time, Bitcoin has been going sideways. However, now it looks like that cryptocurrency will be better shortly.
  • Now, some banks will allow you custodianship. By doing so, large investors and traders can invest their money in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency like Litecoin and Ethereum.
  • If you invest in crypto for the long term, then there is a high probability that you can earn a significant amount of money.
  • If you purchased Bitcoin some years ago then right now their value will be more than 50,000%. Yeah! It is possible, even though 2018 was the worst year for Bitcoin.
  • Right now Bitcoin has some flaws, but in some time these problems will get fixed. The main issue of Bitcoin is its trust value. Once these problems are fixed cryptocurrency will be at all-time high.

Final Words

To conclude, I would say that right now, the stock market going through by setting some high records. Now, imagine that, if there is sell out in the share market then there will be panic all over the world and they will sell their share. As a result, they will look for any other assets to invest their money. At that time, they will have another option of cryptocurrency.

So, to conclude, I would say that cryptocurrency is not dead. However, it’s starting to get more mature. Honestly, right now markets are down, so, I will suggest that it is the best time for you to invest in cryptocurrency.

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