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It is not a surprise to anyone living in civilization today that we’re in the middle of a technological revolution. It started when humans entered the stone age using sticks and stones to build tools. Fast forward to the industrial revolution when we started making oil and trains to help transport us. With the technology that has been produced for us today like the internet and the smartphone, the two newest ones are vaporizers and cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency has had a rise in in 2015 and beyond. This was mainly due to the massive increase in price of Bitcoin and pretty much all other altcoins. However, it wasn’t the only thing that has its notoriety. Vaporizers have had their fair share of popularity increase too and this was mainly due to the help of cannabis. Weed vape pens are used to vaporize cannabis whether it’s the dry herb flower, wax or oil. We will get into more about what cannabis and vapes are and how they are causing a stir lately.

What is Cannabis?

What is Cannabis

Cannabis, marijuana or weed is the most popular recreational substance and although it has been illegal for a very long time, many countries are opening up to it. Already Uruguay, Canada, Mexico and much of the United States has legalized it, not to mention the many other countries that have legalized it for medicinal purposes. Marijuana is a green plant that naturally grows in the dirt and is widely used for its recreational purposes but also for its medicinal purposes. Although it doesn’t heal diseases or illnesses, it helps with the symptoms they can give you like loss of appetite, anxiety, insomnia and more.

Marijuana comes in many different forms. Even though it has a very distinct pungent smell, some vapes can help keep it more discreet, depending on how you expect to use it.

What are Vapes?

What are Vapes

Vapes or vaporizers are electronic handheld portable devices that can help you quit smoking or allow you vaporize your favorite herbs. Depending on the type of the vape pen, you can also vaporize different materials like concentrates, wax and oils. These devices can come in all shapes and sizes. While some of them are compact, slim and discreet, others can be big and placed on your table top. Not all units will have the same features so there are certain features you might want to look out for. The different features are battery sizes, isolated air path, different internal accessories, temperature control settings, digital LED readout and much more. Although the prices on these vary widely, it can be correlated to quality usually.

It’s pretty simple to buy vape pens nowadays. Local smoke shops generally all sell vapes as long as your over the legal age limit. To quit smoking, people will generally buy disposable pre-filled nicotine e-juices which generally give about 500 puffs per nicotine stick. They’re very simple to use. Simply puff on the vape and when it finishes, throw it away and buy a new one.


One of the accessories on a vape pen is the cartridge. The cartridge is a cylindrical tank that the liquid oil or concentrates feed into. The bottom of the cartridge is usually threaded which fits onto a 510 thread battery. This is generally a universal threading connection. To fill it up, open the mouthpiece and pour the liquid oil down the edges.

Fakes, Counterfeit and Knock Offs

One of the biggest controversies nowadays is revolving around vape pens. Whether it’s vapes blowing up or the added diluents used in vape oils, there are a lot of talks about it.


One of the best ways to avoid getting a fake vape cartridge is by going to legit dispensaries when you buy THC oil carts. Many people are creating their own THC oil cartridges nowadays rather than big known companies so there is no one to trace it back too. In order to make more money, people mix the concentrate oils with other diluents or cutting agents to fill up more volume with less of the actual active ingredients.

Using Blockchain to Fight Against Fake Vapes

Blockchain to Fight Against Fake Vapes

Using the blockchain technology is going to be the ultimate way to stop all fakes from entering the market. Using the blockchain, it makes it easier to track the items from seed to sale. The problem with fake vape cartridges is that not only is the cartridge fake but you’re also getting fake packaging. Blockchain is going to be able to put a special key code on the product where you can scan and see everything from the minute it started its journey of being created all the way to the finished product. This can help you decide whether the cartridge you have is real or not.

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