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Trading Exchanges for BitcoinExchanges are often one of those phenomenon that actually come quite handy but most of the times take way more minutes than that are necessary. Since cryptocurrency has taken over the internet and all of the talking is done via these very non-physical mode of currencies they definitely need good exchanges as well. We’ll make it easy for you, every now and then one of us has to go the currency exchange and get ourselves another one with exchange to ours. Obviously, first thing that we need to look out for, is the fees that they deduct. We also would like to go to a trusted place where other people like to go as well. We must also be aware of the fact that the company we’re about to choose is secure. Once the exchange is in process things need to remain easy and we also expect from that exchange to accept almost all kinds of currencies.

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The same expectations are for the trading exchanges for bitcoin to other cryptocurrency. We have taken time out to actually compile a list for the top 5 trading exchanges that are for the day traders and even for the investors. This list is for both, the experts and the newbies.

5. Poloniex

Trading Exchanges - PoloniexPoloniex has proved one thing in the market and that is of being safe, these guys truly have made an image for themselves.

  • They previously provided the 24/7 chat support on their website so if anyone had issue they could have it sorted directly from their website, but it was later taken off.
  • They also don’t provide fiat currency trading.
  • One of the best things that you will be looking for is that they have many altcoins to trade in and the liquidity is there as well.
  • Another thing that you should keep in mind is that Poloniex, allows daily withdrawal limit of 25,000 US dollars. This might limit the options but you can also make bigger withdrawals with third level of verification.

4. Coinbase

Trading Exchanges for bitcoin - coinbaseCoinbase is truly ruling San Francisco. Although the company mainly focuses on the market in US but they also operate in 31 other countries and their storage spans over 190 countries all across the globe.

  • The limits are also high on this platform, only difference is that the buying and selling ratio actually increases it.
  • They have a total of 4 levels in which you can complete the milestones and make purchases.
  • The platform provides high liquidity and also they support all of the people who sign up recent as much as they can. But the one who clear all the levels are also prioritised.
  • The interface they have is quite friendly on almost all of the platforms as well.
  • They also have integrated the credit and debit card with 24/7 email so making all the purchases gets secure and also answered with updates.
  • However, they have been noticed to violate the user’s privacy and they might keep a track of where your investment goes because the investors come before customers for them.

3. Bittrex

Trading Exchanges - bittrexOne of the best things you’re going to notice on this platform is that they put security of the currency of their client’s way ahead almost everything.

  • The way they have designed their website and other services, they appear to be very easy to navigate and use. So there’s nothing as far as the interface is concerned you should be worried about. But on the phone/mobile things will not be as convenient as you expect them to be.
  • However, if only a livechat was put on it, things would’ve really lighted up. If you do not have a 2FA integrated into your account, you will only have a daily limit of 1 BTC withdrawal or equivalent per day.
  • They have a very high trading volume with no deposit fees. The trading fees is 0.25% and they have also never been hacked. One way or another, your money is going to be in the right place.
  • They have a very big volume for other crytocurrencies.


Trading Exchanges - cex.ioCEX.IO although provides less tradeable coins that are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, these are not the only options that you can choose from.

  • One thing that puts them on number two is their noticeable high trading volume.
  • Their security too just to reinforce that image is excellent with multiple layers.
  • CEX.IO enjoys one of the rock solid images in the market. The only thing that has stopped them from becoming number 1 of the list are the fees. Also that their verification is time taking.
  • On CEX.IO you’re going to face a deposit fees, a trading fees and also a withdrawal fees. Although these guys are one of the safest and have got an active support and also have no margin trading.

1. Bitfinex

Trading Exchanges - bitfinexThis name flows in the market because of their high USD liquidity.

  • Very important feature of their service is the low fees. They don’t put any deposit fees on the transactions and their trading fees ranging from nothing to just tiny percentage of 0.2% there also isn’t any withdrawal fees involved except situations in which wire transfers are made.
  • They also provide full packages of orders to their users.
  • The tradeable coins they offer are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Monero, Litecoin once again that’s not it, the options they can provide in the tradeable area are another reason why they are considered number one in the list of the trading exchanges.
  • The security is not excellent but good enough to take good care of your accounts.
  • Bitfinex hasn’t been much of a transparent company and they lost their reputation because of the recent hack that they had to face as well.
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