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GPU-Integrated ETH MinerPromax7 Technologies UK has launched its first powerful GPU miner, which is known to be the world’s first 68 GPU-integrated ETH miner working on multi algorithms.

Cryptocurrency along with Blockchain is on the road to revolutionize this world. It all started back in 2009 when Bitcoin was created. Since the creation of Bitcoin, there has been many cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin and Ethereum tops them all. People started trading and mining these currencies. However miners faced many problems with the mining setup compatibility which then came ASIC miners which were smart enough to mine specific coins in less time. But still miners were looking for a powerful miner which could give better performance and a higher rewards.

Promax7 can be considered to be a solution to all the problems faced by the miners or a competition to all the devices available in the market. Promax7 technology UK has come up with three miners Promax 7.1, 7.2 and G7. Out of which Promax 7.2 is the focus miner of Promax7 which is listed in the top 4 Ethereum miners in 2018.

Promax 7.2 miner got striking features like it holds 68 Nvidia P102 cards hooked up to a cluster technology. As per the details there are 16 ultra-fans on the rear and 16 ultra-low noise fans on the front and 8+8 fans on the side rail which is designed for better ventilation, maintenance and also making it a home friendly device. On average, it utilizes 4400-4500 Watts.

Promax7 is privately owned firm headquartered at UK with a manufacturing setup in Shenzhen. The company was established in 2016 and developed most consumer grade Ethereum miners. Promax7 – the crypto hardware manufacturer; has made a whopping sale of $2.7 million in last few months.  It aims in supplying the best to its buyers by providing effective and efficient miners.

Promax7 has already got a brilliant response from miners and it has sold 22,000 units of Promax 7.2 in the current batch and many to go more in the following batches.

If you are a crypto lover, you surely should not miss the Promax 7.2.

For more information: https://promax7.com/product/promax-7-2-ethash-miner/

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