$1 Trillion Industry Being Brought Onto Blockchain

Considering the substantial interest that Blockchain technology has received in the past 12 months, it is not surprising that entrepreneurs are finding ways to make new markets in areas that can benefit from crypto. In hospitality, entertainment, technology and dozens of other industries, things like smart contracts and decentralized ledgers never existed before, so a whole raft of new products are becoming possible.

Of all industries, finance is the most ready and willing for Blockchain adoption. Just as with the dawn of the internet, expect the rise of Blockchain technology to open up new markets with innovative platforms providing a range of new options for users.

Consider how the internet changed possibilities, making AirBnB and Uber feasible. They opened up the hospitality and transport industries which are now worth $100 bln combined, and several multiples of that value flow through their platforms from customers to service providers every year…

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