10 Things Bitcoin is Now Bigger Than

You might have heard about this bitcoin thing; it’s been in the news a lot. Something to do with it passing $8,000…no $9,000…no, wait, where are we now? It’s hard to keep pace. No one knows where bitcoin will be a day, week, or year from now, but at this moment in time, bitcoin is bigger than the following things.

Bigger, Stronger, Better

In 1966, John Lennon courted controversy by stating that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. 51 years later and bitcoin is hitting biblical levels of its own. Boasting of what bitcoin is bigger than may seem childish; the equivalent of first graders arguing over whose dad is bigger. Nevertheless, it provides a useful snapshot of where bitcoin is at right now, and of how far it’s come. It’s also a helpful way of quantifying an intangible asset.

It was four years ago today that bitcoin surged past $1,000 for the first time. That milestone seems quaint now: bitcoin has gained $100 billion in the last month alone. The virtual currency is officially now bigger than several venerable institutions and major countries…

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