$10,000 or $110,000? 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Bitcoin Prices

Bitcoin prices continue to surprise both crypto markets and the wider investment community with their unique growth.

Topping Expectations

Even the most optimistic short-term price expectations now look conservative as Bitcoin prices reach $9000 and in some markets top the magical $10,000 value.

Did you realize just how much Bitcoin is growing? Depending on where you are and who you are, the most popular virtual currency really is becoming the economic miracle accessible to everyone that its pioneers envisioned it to be. In honor of Bitcoin reaching a major milestone, here are three things you didn’t know about the popular digital currency:

Bitcoin is… Parabolic

In terms of trend analysis, Bitcoin has always presented a great unknown. Cycles of fast upticks followed by major corrections have made all but the biggest proponents uneasy about forecasting the future.

Those same peaks and troughs have led traditional investment sources to predict Bitcoin’s impending final doom – $0 or as good as worthless once allegedly groundless enthusiasm runs out for good.

This week, however, as $9000 comes and goes without a jitter from major markets, analyses have taken on a whole new horizon.

The so-called ‘parabolic trend,’ which until even recently seemed eccentric, is now a topic of serious consideration.

As social media personality Parabolic Trav aptly demonstrates, a four-figure Bitcoin is now nothing frightening; rather, it is just the tip (or base) of a potentially giant iceberg.

“When I draw the trajectory of $BTC intersecting all tops and all bottoms, this is what I get,”Trav wrote today, commenting his personal trajectory for Bitcoin prices. These, prior to the next correction, could reach an unthinkable $110,000…

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