$10K Bitcoin by 2018? Looks Like Tim Draper Was On The Money

As Bitcoin values continue to climb, the prophecy by the ‘Nostradamus of the markets’ is coming true.

In September of 2014, in an interview with Fox BusinessTim Draperclaimed Bitcoin would hit $10,000 USD in three years. To put that in perspective, Bitcoin was worth $413 USD at the time of the interview.

Even strong believers in bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general were skeptical of such massive overall growth—particularly after the intense fluctuations the market, like the crash of 2011, in which the cryptocurrency declined in value by 94 percent.

Well, today, Bitcoin surged past $9,000—having increased well over $2,000 in the last month alone—making that wild prediction of yore look a lot more like a safe guess (even leaving aside the value of Bitcoin Cash, currently hovering around $1,600 USD).

In the Bitcoin.com roundtable, “What Would You Do If BTC Hits 10K?”from May 2016, enthusiasts responded to this claim with ideas about what they would do with their bitcoin if in fact it did reach the five-figure tag…

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