1200% Bitcoin Outperforms Dollar and All Fiat for Third Year in a Row

Bitcoin was the best-performing currency in the world for a seventh time in 2017, beating major cryptocurrencies and all fiat yet again.*

2017 Was Bitcoin’s 3rd Best Year

Bitcoin’s 1200% annual growth last year took it easily to the top of the league against the global fiat basket, while only a handful of less mainstream altcoins posted bigger returns for investors.

2017’s Bitcoin harvest for hodlers was the best since 2013, which was the cryptocurrency’s best ever year that spawned near 5500% returns.

2011 contributed 1387% gains, while 2010 offered up 480%. By contrast, 2016 delivered “only” 130%.

*While altcoins, such as Ripple, broke records with annual dividends topping 16,000% last year, these are not included in the table due to their still somewhat limited status as assets. Bitcoin is more widely-accepted and has dedicated financial instruments catering to a broad range of private and institutional investors.

In terms of investor activity, however, 2017 led Bitcoin to new heights not anticipated for at least several more years.

As BitGo engineer and online commentator Jameson Lopp notes reporting data from Blockchain, $375bln in BTC changed hands over the course of the year. This is the equivalent to around $12,000 each second…

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