$200: Litecoin Price Leaps 25% Ahead of LitePay Launch

The Litecoin price leaped by nearly 30 percent on Tuesday in response to the announcement that payment processing startup LitePay would officially launch in less than two weeks. The rally enabled LTC/USD to crack the $200 barrier, and it raised LTC/BTC to its highest value in nearly three years.

Litecoin Price Leaps to $200

Litecoin is currently priced at $197 on Bitfinex, although premiums on other exchanges have hoisted its global average just above the $200 mark. Litecoin now has an $11.1 billion market cap, lifting it to fifth in the rankings.

litecoin price
LTC Price Chart

Significantly, although Litecoin is still trading well below the peak USD value it set in mid-December, LTC/BTC is trading at .0227 BTC, its highest point since July 2015…

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