$250 Million Tether Grant: Here we Go Again

Tether, the long-controversial stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar, has just generated $250 million dollars worth of tokens.

Tether Supplies Rise to 2.77 Billion

Tether is right back at it, generating $250 million dollars worth of Tether with a few clicks, as of 11:20 AM PST today.

Although this is just breaking news, the ‘granting’ of large amounts of Tether has been a topic of controversy for many in the community in the past.

The most recent granting of Tether might have caused the market leaders like Bitcoin and Ethereum, to recover by over 1% in the minutes following the Tether transactions on the blockchain.

The large green candles seen after 11:30, show the minutes right after the granting of $250 million dollars worth of Tether tokens. Bitcoin quickly ran up over $150 dollars in just under the 20 minutes after the ‘printing’ of the Tether, with most altcoins following. Ethereum also went up by over $20 dollars in the same time span.

Coincidence? Many think not.

Some suggest that Tether has been using their token as a way to manipulate the price of cryptocurrencies.

Many have also brought to question the legitimacy of funds backing Tether tokens. Rightfully so, as Tether has been slow to produce the right documentation of their holdings. Earlier this year, the Tether foundation fired their auditor for reasons which are still unknown, a move which brought further suspicion to the organization.

With the addition of $250 Million worth of Tether, USDT supplies now number over 2.75 billion.

It is crazy to comprehend that there are over $2.75 billion real US dollars backing this token. But until Tether shows that they actually have that amount of money sitting in their bank accounts, community distrust in this specific stablecoin will continue.

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