5 People Who Predicted $10,000 Bitcoin Before 2017

This article is dedicated to all visionaries who were able to foresee the five-figure value of bitcoin coming. The sole criterion for this list is that the prediction should have been made before 2017.

In December 2016, bitcoin was trading at less than 10 percent of the current value, so guessing $10,000 price at that time obviously raised many eyebrows.

The magical figure of $10,000 was hard to digest even for some bitcoin enthusiasts while these people became the laughing stock of the mainstream media and other people.

Tim Draper

Billionaire venture capitalist and crypto investor, who supported Tezos, told Fox News on 13 September 2013, in a video interview that bitcoin could touch $10,000. He said “bitcoin I’m still predicting $10,000 per bitcoin in three years. It’s a hedge against fiat currencies. It’s a new way to transfer cash throughout the world in a much more efficient way.”

Kim Dotcom

The famous founder of file-sharing website Megaupload which got shut down in 2012. Kim now runs Mega, which is an encrypted file storage service, and Internet Party, a political party that promotes Internet freedom and privacy. Dotcmo expressed a price target of $10,000 before 2012 in a tweet during December 2016.

Twitter user Alan Shore tweeted:

@KimDotcom was right, wish I had money to buy bitcoin six months ago!”

To which Kim replied:

“$2000 in 2017, $10000 before 2020, Mass adoption starting next year. Enormous upside potential.”


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