5 Projects Combining AR and Blockchain

Fred Ehrsam, co-founder of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase and GDAX, believes that virtual reality could be blockchain’s “killer app”. The Merkle decided to list those projects which are combining these two swiftly advancing technologies.


Decentraland’s blockchain-based world redefines the concept of blockchain data as a form of ownership. As the “first virtual platform owned by its users”, Decentraland wants its users to grab a VR headset and use a web browser to immerse themselves in a 3D interactive world.

On the Decentraland platform, LAND ownership is maintained via Ethereum smart contracts. Each parcel has unique (x,y) coordinates, an owner, and a reference to the content description file. The reference points to files that render the content for each parcel, stored on the battle-tested BitTorrent and Kademlia DHT networks.

Decentraland foresees a virtual world in which new content can be spatially explored and discovered.


Indiesquare created Bitcoin VR, a game on the Steam VR gaming marketplace. Bitcoin VR enables players to walk around the Bitcoin blockchain – denoted by vector-esque graphics – and see transactions processed through their headsets. The simulation of live Bitcoin transactions takes place in a setting called “Forest of Satoshi”, and players can even prune the network with a bow and arrow…

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