57 Ukrainian Officials Declared Over 21,000 Bitcoins

A study of Ukrainian officials’ asset declarations reveals that 57 officials have declared over 21,000 bitcoins with the majority of cryptocurrency holders in the Odessa regional council and the country’s Parliament. A second study shows that in 2017 the largest amount of cryptocurrency declared by a Ukrainian official was in bitcoin cash.

57 Officials Declared Over 21,000 Bitcoins

According to a recent study conducted by Opendatabot, 57 officials in Ukraine have declared ownership of over 21,000 bitcoins (BTC) as intangible assets over the past two years.

Ukrainian officials are required to reveal their assets in an official electronic declarations process designed to reduce corruption. Opendatabot is a service that monitors the registration data of Ukrainian companies and officials. The company found that:

The largest number of bitcoin owners work in the Odessa regional council, in the second place – the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

“According to the research, all officials have [a total of] 21,128 bitcoins,” RBC reported, emphasizing that this number is only an estimate and does not include altcoins or other crypto assets declared in hryvnia.

Opendatabot found that, within the two year period, the largest number of bitcoins declared by a Ukrainian official was by Dmytro Ivanovych Holubov, a People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada. He declared 4,376 BTC in 2015.

Anatoliy Ihorovych Urbansky, Head of the Odessa Regional Council of the 7th convocation, came second. He declared 4,256.3278 BTC with a value of 111.1 million hryvnia (~USD$ 3.8 million) as of December 2016.

Ukrainian Officials Declared Bitcoin Cash in 2017

When considering 2017 declarations alone, Ukrainian officials have so far declared a total of approximately 195.4 million hryvnia (~$6.75 million) in cryptocurrencies, according to a separate study conducted by Bihus.info. Compare to other types of investments, most officials invested their assets in cryptocurrencies, the research shows…

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