The 65 Percent Price Dip Has Made ‘Bitcoin Whales’ A lot More BTC

Last year bitcoin had a phenomenal run leading up to its all-time high of $19,600 per BTC this past mid-December. The price over the past few weeks had since dipped to a low of $5,900 on Monday, February 5, losing close to 65 percent of its value in a short period. The dip has ‘rekt’ a lot of cryptocurrency traders but the ‘richest bitcoin holders’ have gained thousands more BTC taking full advantage of these significant price variances.

Bitcoin Whales Use Big Price Swings to Accumulate More Wealth

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts understand that digital currencies often fluctuate in price and over the years many traders have been able to take advantage of these swings. Essentially if a trader can guess the top and sell their bitcoins, then follow that maneuver by buying back in at the bottom, that individual can gain a lot more coins. One particular group of BTC holders that have taken advantage of these swings time and time again — are the top 100 richest ‘bitcoin whales.’ The individuals or groups of people known as bitcoin whales hold vast quantities of cryptocurrency and they can sometimes use their assets to ‘move the market.’ According to data collected from most of the 100 richest BTC addresses haven’t lost any money during the last 65 percent dip — In fact, their stacks of BTC increased exponentially.

The Richest Address Has Gained An Exponential Number of Bitcoin’s Since 2016

Take for instance the owner of the most substantial amount of bitcoins located in one address which currently holds 167,000 BTC at the time of writing. The wallet started collecting BTC approximately two years ago when the address recorded its first deposit of roughly $840 dollars worth of BTC. Now there is $1.4 billion USD worth of BTC held in the wallet as thousands of coins have been collected since its inception. Coincidentally this bitcoin whale has been able to acquire a lot more BTC during each meteoric rise in value, and the typical dumps that follow soon after. In 2017 there have been six ‘major’ corrections that have seen BTC lose over 30 percent or more of its value, and this particular whale has gained more funds every single time.

The 65 Percent Price Dip Has Made 'Bitcoin Whales' A lot More BTC
The top bitcoin address has 167,000 BTC at the time of writing worth $1.4 billion USD.

‘Whale Sightings’ and Speculating Collusion

Many of the wealthiest bitcoin addresses besides wallets that have been dormant for years have followed the same pattern. These bitcoin whales have been able to accumulate more bitcoins due to catching the highs and lows at precisely the right time. Perusing through the top 100 richest addresses shows many of them sold thousands of BTC at once between November and December 2017. Bitcoiners have had many ‘whale sightings,’ and you can often see forum posts and Twitter conversations concerning these market movers during big price spikes and subsequent dumps. For example, on November 12, 2017, when cryptocurrencies were reaching new price highs, blockchain spectators noticed 25,000 BTC was sent to the exchange Bitfinex

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