7 Tokens Investors Are Talking About

What separates a real-deal token from a scam?

A new wave of tech enthusiasts is asking that question as tokens rack up big gains and take over market discussions. And it’s certainly not one with an easy answer – even for long-time market observers.

That said, big-name investors are attempting to make sense of the market, looking to separate the wheat from the chaff to find projects that can deliver real-world value.

Amidst this sea change in the crypto space, CoinDesk spoke to Boost VCCompound VC and Pantera Capital to get a feel for what tokens they’re investing in, or at least, planning to.

To start, for many investors in the space, like Compound’s Joshua Nussbaum, decentralizing traditionally centralized systems has huge appeal.

Nussbaum told CoinDesk:

“Given the nascency of blockchain technology today, I’m most excited about projects solving open problems impeding self-sovereign decentralized applications.”

Indeed, one thing that separates “serious” projects is their goal of functioning as underlying infrastructure that other apps will be built on (what Union Square Ventures has referred to as “fat protocols“).

But while all of the projects below have piqued interest, it’s important to note the fruits of their labor and the money raised in ICOs may still be a long way off.

Brayton Williams of Boost VC said:

“Decentralizing the web will bring a massive rise in decentralized apps, but we are years and years away from the basic infrastructure being ready.”

The following projects were each brought up several times in conversations (listed in rough order of ICO launch): […]

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