80,000+ Blockchain Projects, 8 Percent Survive

Evolution of Blockchain Technology: Insights from the Github Platform (Evolution) is an analysis by Jesus Leal Trujillo, Steve Fromhart, and Val Srinivas of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (Deloitte). Their findings reveal the wild growth of the Bitcoin-generated blockchain industry and the subsequent projects yielded. Many were started, few remain.  

The First Empirical Attempt to Understand the Evolution of Blockchain

According to a recent study published this week, blockchain-related projects average nearly 9,000 a year since Spring of 2009. Growth has taken off, however, as in 2016 over 26,000 projects were started through the open-source platform Github.

“In analyzing blockchain repositories and their content,” Evolution explains, “we noticed that increasingly more organizations appear to be getting involved. In 2010, organizations developed less than 1 percent of all projects. By 2017, their projects accounted for 11 percent,” the study notes.

The Evolution study is “an effort to better understand the development of blockchain and its ecosystem,” Deloitte analysts write, and “we have conducted an extensive data analysis of blockchain projects in an open-source environment. Our study appears to be the first empirical attempt to understand the evolution of blockchain using metadata available on Github, a global software collaboration platform,” they claim…

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