Altcoin Adoption Surging as Bitcoin Rallies

Bitcoin’s recent breakout above $7,000 is dominating the crypto news cycle, but behind these numbers are other actions worth examining. Notably, although altcoin prices have been volatile, altcoin development and adoption has been surging. Major platforms such as Dash, NEM, Bitshares and Neo are quietly taking steps designed to bring them into the mainstream. Given their growth, it is clear that, despite its tremendous rise in valuation, Bitcoin will be far from the only significant digital asset moving forward.

Like many altcoins, Dash has experienced declines across the board over the last eight weeks. It is currently trading at $270, down from $400 in late August. It is also significantly down against Bitcoin. Nevertheless, in many ways Dash is in a very strong position. Dash can now be purchased with fiat on a number of exchanges, such as and Quoinex. Dash is also creating partnerships with a wide range of crypto services, all with the stated aim of making it a commonly used currency. For example, in October, Wirex added Dash to its payment system, making it possible to use the crypto anywhere Visa is accepted…

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