Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Installs Europe’s First Airport Bitcoin ATM

The world’s eleventh-busiest airport has installed a “test” Bitcoin ATM in a move officials say will better “serve” travellers’ needs.

Schiphol Offers Bitcoin, Ethereum

In a press release on its website June 20, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport confirmed the installation of the machine, which will offer both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Schiphol thus becomes the first European airport to offer cryptocurrency exchange options via an ATM.

“With the Bitcoin machine we hope to serve travelers because they can easily exchange ‘local’ euros for the ‘global’ Bitcoin or Ethereum,” Tanja Dik, director of consumer products and services commented.

This can be useful, because they can no longer make use of Euros in their home country, for example.

Bitcoin ATMs Continue To Expand

The announcement comes as cryptocurrency continues to cement itself in public consciousness in the Netherlands, with authorities reiterating the need to remain compliant last week as the number of entities dealing with crypto assets also grows.

Schiphol partnered with local software solutions provider ByeleX Data Solutions BV for its machine.

“We are delighted that Schiphol wants to work with us on how we can introduce the new cryptoreality to travelers,’ Byelex director Herman Vissia said…

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