Secures More BCH Than BTC Donations in 2017

The nonprofit digital library has claimed that it received more donations in Bitcoin Cash than Bitcoin so far as of late November 2017. The organization has decided to accept donations in Bitcoin Cash and Zcash earlier this month.

According to the digital library service, it has received more than $4,800 worth of Bitcoin Cash so far in 2017, which is more than twofold higher than the donations in Bitcoin. These results showed that the nonprofit’s decision to accept donations in Bitcoin Cash has been beneficial for the organization.’s donation campaign

The nonprofit organization is conducting its donation drive on an experimental basis annually. Among the virtual currencies being accepted by the nonprofit in the campaign are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Zcash.

The money raised from the campaign is used by the organization to maintain its operations and advance its goal to provide a free and invaluable service to all Internet users around the world. is also considered as the “archive” of the Internet itself…

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