Australian Govt. Awards Grant to $8 Million Blockchain Energy Project

Australian-based solar startup Power Ledger, among others, is to receive AU$8.25 million in funding from the Australian government for a cutting edge project using the blockchain.

According to an announcement from Power Ledger, the Australia government revealed today that it is to provide $2.57 million in funding for a cutting-edge project in the City of Fremantle, in Western Australia. An additional $5.68 million will be funded through project partners including Curtin University, Murdoch University, Curtin Institute of Computation, LandCorp, CSIRO/Data61, CISCO and Power Ledger.

The project is testing the blockchain to determine how cities can use the technology and data analytics to integrate distributed energy and water systems. Power Ledger state that the trial will involve low-carbon and low-cost systems that will be installed and connected using the distributed ledger, adding:

A large solar photovoltaic (PV) plant, rooftop solar PV panels, a precinct sized battery, an electric vehicle charge station and precinct water treatment and capture systems will be orchestrated using blockchain technology and data analytics, and demonstrate the interconnected infrastructure of future smart cities.

Brad Pettitt, Mayor of the City of Fremantle, said: […]

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