The Basics on FACTS: A New Model for Compliant ICOs

A few blockchain companies have recently been touting a “legal” or “compliant” ICO.

After digging into the details, however, I am realizing that these ICO teams have very little understanding of SEC requirements, and that their token sales are not compliant.

This isn’t surprising. Most entrepreneurs are (rightly) more focused on building a business than understanding regulation, and this is not limited to blockchain entrepreneurs. That said, companies that are raising funds through an ICO are navigating treacherous waters, and it’s important for entrepreneurs to have a game plan that keeps their regulatory risk low.

I have spent the last six months devising a strategy for launching a compliant ICO, which would 1) comply with SEC rules, 2) maintain the usability of the underlying token and 3) enhance the terms currently being offered to investors. After countless hours spent getting here, I would like to propose a strategy for how an SEC-compliant ICO could be accomplished…

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