How Big Data and Blockchain Tech Will Change Tourism Forever

On your last trip, did everything go as planned? I can tell you that not everything went perfectly on mine.

I had a few days off coming up back in September and I saw an ad online for a low-cost flight to Brussels. It’s really not far from where I live, and I had never been there before, so I thought “why not,” and hit buy. I went to the local book store and bought a copy of Lonely Planet: Belgium and booked a room at the cheapest three-star hotel I could find.

The departure day arrived. My flight was okay, and I got to my hotel without a problem, but by the time I arrived I was starving. I’m a vegetarian so I leafed through my guidebook looking for a local vegetarian restaurant for my first taste of Brussels.

According to the book, the closest one was 30 minutes away by foot! I decided that was too far, so I thought it better to go to a restaurant nearby. I tried three and couldn’t find a single place that had vegetarian options. Finally, dying of hunger, I flagged down a taxi, and gave him the address of the vegetarian place, having wasted my first few hours in Brussels. Not a great start.

The next day, after visiting a couple museums and seeing the Mannekin Pis statue, it started to rain, so I decided to see what’s showing at the movies. Unfortunately, I had a small problem; I don’t speak French. Or Dutch. And after going in and asking at a couple movie theaters, I found that the English movies cost three times as much as French language ones! I ended up wandering around a mall, trying to stay dry from the rain, until it was time for my flight. I flew home that night feeling like I wasted my days off.

I have spoken to a lot of other travellers, and everyone seems to agree; planning a trip is a hassle. The thing is, in the nearest future, it won’t have to be one any more. This is because of developments in data collection processing. The rise of big data will make planning a trip so easy that travellers won’t even realize they are planning anything. What’s more, travelling will become more affordable as a result.

What is Big Data?

When you go online you generate A LOT of data. To illustrate, each minute of 2017, 3.5 million Google searches were made, 452,000 Tweets were sent, and 46,200 Instagram posts were uploaded to the world wide web. All of this data represents a ton of information about your and everyone’s personal preferences.

With so much information available, there is no reason why some computer program can’t help you to plan your vacation by processing the data you have put online. One tech startup, called TravelChain, aims to do just that.

TravelChain is a platform that will use your data to make your next vacation your best yet, reducing travel costs along the way…

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