Bitcoin Cash: Big Blocks ‘Fail’ To Improve User Experience – Analysis

The Bitcoin community has leveled new criticism against Bitcoin Cash (BCH) after data reveals its bigger blocks are not living up to developers’ promises.

‘Big Blocks Failed’

Analysis of BCH and Bitcoin (BTC) blocks which software advocate Ben Verret uploaded to Twitter Sunday suggests that Bitcoin blocks, despite being smaller, are verifying more transactions than BCH’s ‘big blocks’ approach.

The concept of bigger blocks providing greater scalability was a central feature touted by Bitcoin Cash supporters, including major figures Roger Ver and Jihan Wu.

Bigger Blockchain blocks would allow for more transactions to be processed at once, proponents say, thus giving users considerably faster and cheaper transactions.

Ver himself last month tweeted that Bitcoin Cash’s Blockchain could “easily” handle the combined volume of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The current version of Bitcoin Cash can easily handle all of the Bitcoin Core and Ethereum transactions combined.

According to Verret and others, however, the format is already failing, as Bitcoin’s smaller blocks are handling more transactions in the same period than Bitcoin Cash’s bigger ones.

“Big blocks failed,” he concluded after presenting results for three, six, twelve-hour and one-day periods…

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