Bitcoin Cash Network Status: Transactions On the Rise

The Bitcoin Cash network is trucking along as the blockchain is currently finishing up its fourth month of existence. As more adoption and infrastructure support has been added to the BCH network over the past few months, many bitcoin cash supporters are optimistic about the cryptocurrency’s future.

The Bitcoin Cash Network Sees Improvement With the DAA Upgrade As BCH Transaction Percentages Rise

There have been over 28,000 blocks mined since the hard fork this past August that had produced the nascent network bitcoin cash. The blockchain has been doing quite well since the development community hard-forked the BCH network on November 13 which fixed the cryptocurrency’s Difficulty Algorithm Adjustment (DAA). Since then erratic block time intervals have ceased and mining profitability between the BCH and BTC chains has leveled out, remaining consistent over the past two weeks.

Bitcoin Cash profitability against the legacy chain leveled out since the November 13 hard fork.

At the moment the BCH chain is operating at 12.47 percent of the legacy chain’s difficulty, and at the moment it’s only 3.3 percent more profitable to mine BTC. Bitcoin cash transactions have also been steadily rising as the BCH network transaction rate is gradually increasing in number every week. Additionally, next year according to the Bitcoin ABC development team’s midterm roadmap, developers plan to fix the BCH address format and possibly even raise the protocol’s 8MB base block size again…

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