Bitcoin Cash Tip Bot ‘Tippr’ Distributes Thousands of Micropayments

A new Bitcoin Cash (BCH) tip bot that lets anyone send small microtransactions using BCH called ‘Tippr’ is gaining a lot of traction on the web these days.

The Bitcoin Cash Tip Bot ‘Tippr’ Is Gaining A lot of Traction

A few years ago many people used to send BTC micropayments and tips to each other on forums and social media apps like Twitter. These days you can’t do that anymore because bitcoin core’s average fees are too high to send small increments under 15 dollars, and because companies like Changetip stopped offering tip services. Since the inception of bitcoin cash this past August, BCH users have been able to send small increments because fees are 2 cents or less per transaction.

The BCH Tippr bot is available on Reddit and Twitter. At the moment a lot of users are using the program to tip people. Tippr users on Reddit simply call “/u/tippr” and enter the number of funds they want to send and specify another user. The same thing can be done on Twitter by tagging the bot and the person on the receiving end and typing “$0.50 @tipprbot.” Tippr has been used on Twitter quite a lot since it started last September and you can observe this by scrolling through the bot’s account.

“I’m a bitcoin cash tip-bot for Reddit and Twitter, allowing you to send bitcoin cash to other users easily,” explains Tippr’s introduction.

The biggest tippers on Reddit using Tippr and the most tipped users…

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