Bitcoin clears $10,000

Bitcoin, the red-hot digital currency, has cleared $10,000 for the first time.Â

The virtual currency, which has gripped the attention of Wall Street and Main Street, reached the much-anticipated threshold at about 1:26 p.m. ET on Tuesday, according to data from Markets Insider. It’s trading up 2.85%, at $10,011 a coin.

The currency was flirting with $10,000 throughout the trading day on Tuesday, and has been on a tear since the US Thanksgiving holiday. It’s up more than $2,000 since Thursday’s low of $7,979 per coin.

Bitcoin has been on a wild ride this year. In addition to rising nearly $9,000 since the beginning of the year, the cryptocurrency has withstood a number of splits in its blockchain, including one in August that resulted in the creation of clone coin bitcoin cash. Disagreements over how the coin should scale continue to divide power brokers in the bitcoin community…

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