Bitcoin Gets First Lightning Network Wallet App on Android

The first Bitcoin wallet featuring full Lightning Network support went live on Google Play May 31 in a further milestone for the technology.

Lightning Payments Meet Android

The release, called simply Lightning Wallet, incorporates a fully operational Lightning node, providing for both on-chain Bitcoin and off-chain Lightning Network transactions.

Users will be able to take advantage of the increasingly well-populated network, benefits including near-instant sending and receiving of Bitcoin via dedicated channels for fees of less than one satoshi ($0.0000755141) – Bitcoin’s smallest unit. The app has received six positive 5-star user reviews so far.

“It is crucial to understand that Lightning Wallet is a completely standalone app, it is not a thin client to some centralized service,” the wallet’s description to potential users reads.

This most importantly means that your money is stored right on your phone and nowhere else which gives you a ultimate censorship resistance: no one can ‘freeze your account’ or cancel your transactions, but at the same time this makes you the only one responsible for securing your funds.


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