Bitcoin – an Ideal Casino Trick

Bitcoin is often described as nothing short of the ideal trick for modern online casinos. Is this statement still true, when it comes to practice? Let’s take a closer look at this question.

No matter, whether a player chooses an online casino or a street point, he is expecting maximum comfortable game and personal privacy. Gambling operators, in their turn, are always searching for a reliable payment method to prevent players from canceling money transfers while they’re being processed. There’s a single optimum solution for all these concerns – the cryptocurrency of the new generation – Bitcoin.

For the moment, only the tycoons of the gambling business realize the opportunities Bitcoin opens for them; however, thus far other casino operators prefer to stick to their traditional policies in terms of currency choice. For quite a long time large-scale gambling operators have been developing and trying to maintain beneficial, sustainable and flourishing business-models, which would also accept national fiat currencies. But not all the facilities are ready to refrain from extra profit for sake players’ comfort.

The authoritative representatives of the i-Gambling environment are still learning how to percept Bitcoin as a payment instrument. Unfortunately, this idea is often confined down to public discussions in many companies; usually, senior managers treat cryptocurrencies only as niche solutions. Such situation happened once before: back in 1975 world-famous Kodak Company introduced the first prototype of the digital camera. We all know what was the further fate of the brand…

iGambling market: change in perspective

Many analysts claim, that at least 5 online operators from the TOP-10 of the modern i-Gambling market will ditch traditional payment methods in favor of cryptocurrencies and would become so-called Bitcoin casinos. Is it really possible? Yes, it is. Probably, the list of these gambling companies can even include novelty providers, which support cryptocurrencies predominately. Several years will pass, and these operators will become in a better position if comparing to their competitors, who are still not ready to accept any other currencies as traditional “fiat” ones.

If you decide to do business with Bitcoin, you can drop all your national bank accounts and abroad. You also get a chance to cover your operational expenses with cryptocurrencies. In addition, the usage of Bitcoin will free you from dependence on the regulating authorities like eCOGRA. Such organizations as this one have been established to maintain the reputability and legitimacy of gambling facilities. And finally, cryptocurrencies can easily solve the central problem of the modern gambling market: Bitcoin can open new potential gambling markets, not amendable to any kind of regulation. Bitcoin doesn’t impose any limitations on the sums and doesn’t require to cover fees for bank accounts…

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