Bitcoin ‘Is Constantly Under Attack,’ Claims Give Bytes CEO

While some in the media are calling for Bitcoin’s imminent death, other experts believe that the market leader will easily survive the onslaught of ‘attacks’ it constantly receives while making a full recovery.

‘BTC is constantly under attack’

There’s a lot of negative sentiment surrounding Bitcoin at the moment.

The first and foremost cryptocurrency has suffered steep declines in 2018, falling from all-time highs of roughly $20,000 in December 2017 to yearly lows below $6,000 in June. While nocoiners have taken the opportunity to proclaim bitcoin as ‘dead,’ some experts realize it’s far too early to make such an outrageous claim.

One such expert is Jacob Piotrowski, CEO and Founder at Give Bytes, who told that it’s too soon to start talking about the death of cryptocurrency. He said:

The price of bitcoin peaked in December at nearly $20K and that was probably too much so the correction was inevitable. We have to bear in mind that BTC is constantly under attack — we’ve witnessed a couple of exchanges being attacked and some governments and central banks issuing statements that were supposed to discourage people from bitcoin. It doesn’t seem to have worked as the cryptocurrency market keeps on growing despite volatile prices and approaches the $250 billion cap.

In order for Bitcoin to recover, Piotrowski told the daily national middle market tabloid newspaper that better cryptocurrency infrastructure is needed — specifically “ATMs, payment gateways for e-commerce, mobile wallets, POS terminals accepting crypto as well as regulations.” […]

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