Bitcoin is ‘Number One’ for Institutional Investors, Claims Element Group

While everyone currently in the cryptocurrency space eagerly awaits the supposedly inevitable flood of institutional money, questions have been asked as to where said funds will go. Element Group’s Thejas Nalval claims Bitcoin is “number one on that list.”

The cryptocurrency market is currently supersaturated with failed and soon-to-be-failed projects. Nevertheless, the cream rises to the top and there are currently numerous contenders for the top spots. So where will institutional investors put their funds, if and when they decide to enter the market?

Element Group, a self-proclaimed global strategic partner in the transforming of traditional finance with crypto economics, digital assets, and proprietary technology solutions, believes Bitcoin 00 the first and foremost place for institutional investors to place their funds. Director Thejas Nalval explained:

I look purely at the numbers. Bitcoin has the largest market cap. It has the most liquidity. So if I was to predict where an institution wants to come in first, Bitcoin would be number one on that list.

Nalval himself is also personally bullish on the market leader, explaining that it evidently has the strongest fundamentals behind it…

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