Bitcoin Job Postings Are Surging on LinkedIn

There’s a hot new skill in the job market these days: cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin-related job postings as a proportion of total listings on LinkedIn jumped more than ninefold in the financial services industry over the past three years and 4.6 times in the software technology industry, according to data from the career-oriented social network. While the number of listings within financial services is growing faster, the majority of crypto-related jobs — 70 percent — are still tied to software development.

And as bitcoin’s price surged as much as 11-fold this year alone, moving from an obsession for computer geeks and libertarians to a hot topic at the Thanksgiving dinner table, more people are listing it as a skill on LinkedIn. There are now 28 times as many profiles that cite cryptocurrency talents as there were were four years ago, and 5.5 times more who claim bitcoin aptitude specifically. The precise skill sets involved weren’t listed…

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