Bitcoin Leaves Visa’s Market Cap in the Dust

The value of Bitcoin has been making headlines lately, with prices increasing tremendously over the past few weeks. First, the price of the cryptocurrency smashed the $10,000 level, hitting a record-high of $15,000 a few days later. As of now, the price stands at more than $18,000, with the upward trend expected to continue in the coming days.

With more and more people trying to get a piece of the Bitcoin pie, the digital currency’s market cap has swelled to a new all-time high, surpassing that of Visa. As of this writing, Visa’s market cap of $252.74 billion has been eclipsed by Bitcoin, whose market cap now sits at $305 billion. That is a 73% increase since this same time just a week ago. Not bad for something that experts are quick to deride as a ‘bubble’ and a ‘fraud’, eh?

Pension Partners’ Director of Research Charlie Bilello made the announcement on Twitter today: […]

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