Bitcoin Lightning Network Matures With Record 2000 Nodes, $150K Capacity

The Lightning Network has almost doubled the amount its capacity in two weeks this month as more and more users expand the protocol.

Lightning: 2 Weeks, 2x Capacity

Data showing current activity on Lightning’s Bitcoin mainnet implementation reveals a network capacity of $148 million, up from $80 million April 10.

At one point, over 2000 active public nodes were available to process transactions, which can confirm almost instantly for a fee of less than one satoshi per byte.What’s more, the network has now reached 7000 active channels.

“The universe keeps expanding at an accelerated rate,” online cryptocurrency commentator Armin van Bitcoin commented tweeting about the progress.

The impressive rate of expansion marks increasing faith in the potential for Bitcoin to function as a go-to payment method rather than merely a store of value or investment tool.

The mainnet Lightning Network has existed less than five months, but in that time has grown to beat the much-touted Bitcoin Cash network, the premise of which was specifically to offer cheap transactions, on both node count and transaction price

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