Owner Wants to Revise Satoshi’s White Paper

Following the Segwit2x working group’s announcement to cancel the hard fork scheduled for next week, many shocked bitcoin proponents revealed their opinions on the web. Additionally, one of the administrators of, Theymos, wants the web portal’s recommended businesses such as wallet services and exchanges to pledge that “Bitcoin is not ruled by miners” or otherwise be removed from the site’s link page. Wants Cryptocurrency Businesses to Make a Pledge or Take a “Bitcoin Basics” Course

The Segwit2x hard fork has been canceled, but the drama is still not over. On November 8, the same day the Segwit2x working group made their announcement, Theymos, one of the administrators of declared a desire for bitcoin businesses to make a pledge. Theymos details that during the Segwit2x waiting period several companies declared that miners control bitcoin, and the administrator thinks this should be addressed.

“This belief is one of the most dangerous threats to bitcoin, since if most people think that, then bitcoin ends up controlled by only a handful of people — Although this issue is mentioned in a few places on, I’ve been thinking that should somehow act against this more than it is already,” explains the Github issue written by Theymos…

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