Bitcoin Price is Up 17%, Will it Achieve a New All-Time High in Short-Term?

Triggered by the sell-off of major Bitcoin investors and the rapid surge in the value of Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin price plunged over the past weekend. However, as expected, Bitcoin price recovered relatively quickly as the Bitcoin Cash price declined from over $2,800 to $1,200.

Short-term indicators for Bitcoin price increase

The sell-off of large sums of Bitcoin in the past few days led to a domino effect, wherein traders started to panic selling their Bitcoin in fear of market uncertainty and a major Bitcoin price correction. Consequently, the daily trading volume of both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash surpassed the $10 bln mark, for the first time in history.

However, as Bitcoin has demonstrated several times in the past year, it has recovered significantly faster than most analysts had expected in the short-term to around $6,500.

Historically, after achieving a new all-time high, Bitcoin tends to correct itself to the point that is higher than the previous all-time high and initiate a new rally to achieve a new all-time high. For instance, when Bitcoin price achieved a new all-time high at $4,500 earlier this year, it corrected itself to around $3,300 and initiated a new rally which allowed it to climb to the $5,000 region.

A similar trend will likely occur in the upcoming weeks with the US market. The second largest Bitcoin market behind Japan is highly optimistic in regards to the entrance of institutional and retail investors into the Bitcoin market, alongside tens of billions of dollars in new funds.

CME Group and CBOE, two of the largest options exchange domestically and globally, will launch Bitcoin futures exchanges by the end of 2017, to provide an infrastructure and sufficient liquidity to institutional investors…

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