Bitcoin-Related Job Postings Have Spiked on LinkedIn and Upwork

The number of jobs relating to bitcoin and cryptocurrency on Linkedin and Upwork has grown significantly in recent years. Both platforms report an increase in the listing of skills relating to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology by several hundred percent.

Linkedin Reports a More Than 500% Increase in the Listing of Skills Pertinent to Cryptocurrency

The majority of the job listings pertaining to the cryptocurrency industry on Linkedin are for the software industry – with Bloomberg reporting that such comprises approximately 70% of all crypto-related listings. Crypto-based positions in the software industry are continuing to proliferate, with the number of such listings in the software industry comprising a 460% larger share of total listings in the sector than three years ago.

The industry with the largest growth in crypto-related job listings in the financial services industry – with the share of total listings on LinkedIn pertaining to cryptocurrency in the financial services industry having grown by roughly 900% during the last three years.

In recent years, bitcoin has emerged from the throes of niche status to attaining increasing mainstream adoption. LinkedIn reflects this trend, with the social media network noting that there are 28 times the number profiles that cite skills pertaining to cryptocurrency than four years ago, with 550% more people boasting specifically bitcoin-related abilities…

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