Bitcoin Rockets Past $14,000 Astonishing Everyone

The price of bitcoin has once again reached a new price high on December 6 touching $14K across exchanges worldwide. The value touched an all-time high of $14,047 and quickly dropped to the $13,500 range shortly after. At the moment order books across exchanges are going wild.

The bitcoin price locomotive continues to truck upwards and steamed past the $14K region on December 6. Bitcoin’s value had touched $14,047 per BTC at approximately 8 pm EDT. The price already reached the $13,000 region earlier in the day for the first time. The currency has increased by 20 percent from the start of the day’s trading sessions and currently commands a record global trade volume of over $13Bn over the past 24-hours. At $14,000 per BTC the decentralized currency captured a massive $235Bn market capitalization.

South Korea takes a chunk out of the global share on December 6, 2017.

Currently, South Korean markets are pushing the volume to extreme levels as Bithumb is commanding the top exchange position today. The Korean trading platform is followed by the exchanges Bitfinex, GDAX, Binance, and Bittrex. The Korean won has taken a large chunk of the Japanese yen’s dominance over bitcoin markets. At the moment the Japanese yen only captures 48 percent as the KRW has pushed up to 7.9 percent behind the USD…

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