Bitcoin Strings Reveal Messages Written on Bitcoin’s Blockchain

BTCManager interviewed the founder of Bitcoin Strings, Antti, and discussed some of the motivations behind the project. Their work entails the easy access to all the information that has been permanently stored on the Bitcoin blockchain. Things like the first message from Satoshi Nakamoto, to articles revolving around cryptocurrencies, and even debates about how large or small a block should be.

Everyone has access to this information, though many are unaware that this information is much more than the documentation of transactions on the blockchain. Not only this, but these messages will be kept safe as long as the Bitcoin blockchain remains alive. From this point of view, the love letters between partners and prayers for fallen friends are endearing. From another perspective, it keeps an already divisive community from forgetting its roots.

The discussion with Antti weaves between the specifics of his platform. We look more in detail as to what the website can provide for both the layman and miner as well as investigate the possible implications of keeping text on the blockchain in this way. More than anything, Bitcoin Strings is a project to inspire an interest in a new and developing technology…

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