Bitcoin Wallet Blockchain to Add Support for Bitcoin Cash (and SegWit)

Bitcoin wallet service Blockchain has announced it will add full support for bitcoin cash across all its platforms by the end of Q1 2018. The company says it is also working on integrating SegWit support in its wallet products.

Blockchain made the announcement in a blog post, explaining that it believes bitcoin cash — a cryptocurrency created on August 1 by hard forking the bitcoin blockchain — has proven that is a viable, top-tier cryptocurrency.

“Market demand for Bitcoin Cash has proven strong and, in our view, it’s likely here to stay,” the company wrote.

Since its launch, bitcoin cash has consistently maintained a top-four spot in the market cap rankings, and it briefly held the second position over the weekend at the height of its phenomenal week-long rally. Now that SegWit2x — a scaling proposal intended to immediately ease transaction fees by increasing the nominal bitcoin blocksize — has been suspended indefinitely due to a lack of community consensus, analysts speculate that individuals — and perhaps business — who desire bitcoin to be a currency first and a store of value second will rally around bitcoin cash…

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