Bitcoiners’ Mom Lyn Ulbricht Never Imagined She’d Be in This Situation

Ross Ulbricht was swept up in Silk Road prosecutions, and got the worst of it: double life, no parole. His facts will be finally before the US Supreme Court by the end of this month, as the body determines whether to ultimately hear the case. As part of its growing podcast network, has another innovative audio project on air, Humans of Bitcoin(HOB). Its latest episode explores what it’s like to be the unwitting Mom of Bitcoin, as Mrs. Ulbricht fights for her son’s release and for freedom of the broader ecosystem.

Lyn Ulbricht Is the Focus of the Latest Humans of BitcoinEpisode

Humans of Bitcoin could’ve easily exploited Ross Ulbricht’s more salacious charges: kingpinning, drugs, murder for hire, and then gone on about the usual polemics. It’s easy to do, and probably marketable in the most perverse sense. Instead, host Cady Voge chose another route: what is it like being Lyn Ulbricht, mother to someone so vilified in the mainstream press, to a son she might never see free from incarceration? What is it like being suddenly thrust into the crypto-anarchist milieu, surrounded by the sort of people she might never have given much thought to previously?

It’s yet another in a line of quite poignant, beautiful audio portraits presented by Ms. Voge (produced by Matt Aaron of This Week in Bitcoin and Blockchain 2025). “What I’ve discovered is that most people,” Ms. Voge explains to, “even those deeply embedded in the crypto world, don’t know every corner of the industry or movement or whatever you want to call it. It’s all moving and developing so fast, no one can know everything, and so it’s really easy to make mistakes. So I wanted to begin by just letting people tell their own stories.”

HOB, as of this writing, has five episodes under its belt, beginning with a stunningly candid conversation with Sterlin Lujan. Mr. Lujan is a well-known enthusiast in the space, but his personal story is downright cinematic. Luis Buenaventura and Nanu Berks are explored over the next two episodes, as art surrounding crypto is examined coincidentally and in-depth. Mr. Buenaventura is an expert in remittances, and also dabbles in illustrations. That particular episode is so conversational, so non-linear in a good way, listeners feel as though they’re there in the coffee shop and part of the scene.

“Of course my goal is also to educate listeners in a way,” Ms. Voge details. “The crypto world is still a subculture that most people don’t understand, and there are so many subcultures within it as well.” Crypto-art is not an area well known, and an introduction to Ms. Berks’ work, using only theater of the mind, proved to be a real challenge. It somehow gels, however, and listeners are once again brought into a very intimate world…

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