Bitfinex Experience Withdrawal Difficulties

The issues facing Bitfinex continue to mount, with the exchange receiving numerous complaints from customers who have been waiting for days for withdrawals in a range of cryptocurrencies to process. The exchange says it’s been the subject of numerous distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks in recent days, and that network congestion has contributed to the challenges.

Many Customers Are Complaining That Withdrawals Are Not Processing

With Bitfinex’s subreddit increasingly being dominated by complaints from customers who have been waiting for withdrawals to process for multiple days, the company has issued an explanatory document seeking to clarify the reasons behind their failure to complete withdrawals.

The document, titled “Explanation”, states “Over the last few days, we were hit by a mixture of huge real customer demand for deposits & withdrawals, at the same time as we experienced DDoS in the form of malicious micro-deposits and withdrawals,” describing such as “a heavily funded attack.” The Bitfinex team adds that “both the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks were under high congestion,” asserting that both factors caused “a very large number of withdrawals to fail and be missed.” […]

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