Bitfinex Launches Ethfinex For ‘Trustlesss Trading Experience’ of Ethereum Tokens

Bitfinex, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, announced the launch of a hybrid Ethereum-based exchange. Users will be able to trade over 57 Ethereum based tokens on-chain.

‘Trustless Trading Experience’

At the time of writing this, Bitfinex is the fifth largest cryptocurrency exchange, having handled over $317 million in the last 24 hours according to data from CoinMarketCap.

After being in beta phase for over a year, Ethfinex, the exchange’s hybrid, Ethereum-based portal, it has now announced its official launch in a press release. Ethfinex is an on-chain platform enabling instant trading of over 57 Ethereum-based tokens without relying on a centralized intermediary.

“Introducing Ethfinex Trustless – an Ethereum based trading solution placing security, privacy and control in the hands of the user,” Ethfinex announced today.

Speaking on the matter, Will Harborne – Director of Operations at Ethifinex, said:

Today represents the culmination of a prolonged phase of hard work and dedication fueled by our vision for a decentralized, community-governed trading platform. We are beyond excited to leverage Ethereum to deliver a sophisticated, trustless trading experience to users worldwide and to further extend the boundaries of decentralized exchange.

Reportedly, the hybrid platform already sees a daily traded volume of $70 million.

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